Couple of HopeYou are! Hoosier drivers are passionate about their Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Plate. The license plate is a mobile reminder about the importance of early breast cancer detection and prevention.

The Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust (IBCAT) began as the dream of Nancy Jaynes. The breast cancer license plate was her dream, and she worked tirelessly to make it a reality. She proudly referred to the IBCAT board as “Passionate People of the Plate.”

Today more than 16,000 vehicles sport the breast cancer license plate and serve as “rolling billboards” to heighten awareness about this terrible disease that strikes one in eight women. The breast cancer license plate is consistently among the most widely purchased, ranking sixth of the more than 80 plates available, with $25 of the purchase price going directly to the IBCAT.

Since the license plate was introduced in 2002, more than $1.9 million have been awarded in grants. The impact has been significant: as of December 2010, some 8,500 Hoosier women have received screening or diagnostic mammograms. We know early detection is critical to successful treatment of breast cancer.

So join the cause. Buy a plate. Get a mammogram. Tell a friend, and you’ll be a Passionate People of the Plate too!